Have you ever felt your leadership could be...
More powerful?
More effective?
More aligned with your purpose and values?

Are you enthusiastic about making change, but no one has ever given you a step-by-step plan?

It can be overwhelming for leaders to discern what works (and what doesn't) when it comes to leadership development and how to change their behaviour.

For organisations, it is often a balancing act to maximise leadership development opportunities for staff within a finite budget. 

In six steps, Beyond Intention helps leaders learn how to change their behaviour to enable them to perform at their best.

These six practical steps have been used in our face-to-face leadership development and executive coaching programs over many years - with proven impacts on performance.

Don't waste any more time and money trying to change behaviour in ways that are ineffective.

Watch the following video and discover Beyond Intention today.

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Why it works

Beyond Intention delves below the 'surface' and goes to the heart of personal change. It moves beyond behaviour and skills development by addressing the deeper aspects of self that lead to personal transformation.

  • Designed and delivered by an Executive Coach, Leadership Facilitator and Psychologist.

  • Techniques have been proven in our leadership development and executive coaching programs for over 40+ years.

  • Informed by contemporary evidence-based research in adult and leadership development, and psychology.

  • Increases present moment mind and body awareness, enabling leaders to make change in the moment.

  • Takes the trial and error out of change and unlocks the forgotten aspects of personal transformation.

Program Overview

  • 1

    Session 1 - Setting Your Intention

    • Before you begin

    • Video 1: Welcome

    • Video 2: Why intention?

    • Video 3: What is your positive intention?

    • Video 4: What is your starting point?

    • Video 5: Motivation for change

    • Video 6: Reflect & review

  • 2

    Session 2 - What's Happening Instead

    • Video 1: What are you actually doing?

    • Video 2: What are your external triggers?

    • Video 3: Looking inward & how you show up

    • Video 4: Beyond behaviour

    • Video 5: Why behaviours continue

    • Video 6: Reflect & review

  • 3

    Session 3 - What's Holding You Back

    • Video 1: Your fears, doubts & tensions

    • Video 2: How are tensions experienced & why?

    • Video 3: Tensions in the present moment

    • Video 4: How to work with tension

    • Video 5: Taking authentic responsibility

    • Video 6: Reflect & review

  • 4

    Session 4 - Don't Believe Everything You Think

    • Video 1: How thoughts drive behaviour

    • Video 2: The thoughts keeping you comfortable

    • Video 3: How assumptions are formed

    • Video 4: Becoming aware of assumptions

    • Video 5: Challenging assumptions

    • Video 6: Reflect & review

  • 5

    Session 5 - Letting Go

    • Video 1: Reducing tension by letting go

    • Video 2: Letting go: Step 1

    • Video 3: Letting go: Step 2

    • Video 4: Letting go: Step 3

    • Video 5: Why practice is powerful

    • Video 6: Reflect & review

  • 6

    Session 6 - Learning Forward

    • Video 1: Maximising learning & success

    • Video 2: What success looks like

    • Video 3: From intention to action

    • Video 4: Myth busting

    • Video 5: Believe in yourself

    • Video 6: Over to you

    • Beyond Intention Evaluation

Program Inclusions

  • Video Content

    36 videos covering key concepts in short chunks, designed to enable you to undertake the program alongside your usual leadership commitments. You will have access to these for 150 days.

  • Program Workbook

    A downloadable, 49-page colour workbook (writable PDF) to capture your learning and self-reflective activities. Print key diagrams and worksheets for future reference.

  • Community of Practice

    Need some extra challenge and support? You will receive access to a private, self-organised Facebook group specifically for current participants of Beyond Intention.

  • Access to Dr John Wood

    Once a quarter, John will join the facebook group in a 1-hour 'facebook live' session. You'll have the opportunity to engage with him directly and ask any burning questions you have.

  • Bonus Worksheets

    Are you stuck on a particular step or concept, or want advanced tips? We've created some bonus worksheets to assist you to move forward.

  • Technical Support

    Having difficulty accessing the course or experiencing technical issues? You will receive high priority and personalised technical support from our collaborative partner.

Program Investment


  • Who should undertake Beyond Intention?

    Leaders! If you are leading a team of any size, either formally or informally, this program is for you! The steps and practices contained in the program are designed for leaders at all levels. The only pre-requisite is that you have an idea of the area(s) you wish to develop, and are motivated to do something about it. We find those who gain the most from this program are leaders who (a) have a desire to change but aren’t sure how to do it, (b) may be stuck in the loop of wanting to change, trying to change and then falling back to old habits, and (c) want to understand more about the psychology of change. This program would also ideally suit those who have just received feedback about their leadership, such as 360 or developmental reviews, and want to make changes.

  • Can leadership cohorts undertake the program?

    Yes! This program is designed to be scalable across large groups of leaders. In fact, research shows that if leaders share their developmental intentions in a supportive and challenging peer environment, their performance and development grows significantly. We also have a number of hosting options, including for companies with their own internal learning management system. Please contact us if you wish to purchase in bulk or discuss program design options for in-house applications.

  • How does Beyond Intention work?

    Beyond Intention combines the power of present moment awareness (mindfulness) with a deeper understanding of self to create change in six steps. There are ten common mistakes leaders make when trying to change, and these six steps go beyond those to create clarity about what works. The most common mistake is to try too hard to change behaviour only, without looking at what causes the behaviour in the first place.

  • How long does Beyond Intention take to complete?

    You can undertake the program anytime, anywhere, around your usual leadership commitments. The program consists of six online sessions, which you can complete at your own pace. Each of the six online sessions contain six short videos (36 in total). The total video time is approximately 1.5 hours, but the entire program could take up to 12 hours, inclusive of self-reflection and workbook activities. As this program is experiential and transformative in nature, the program is likely to be completed over a series of weeks or months, rather than days.

  • How long will I have access to the program?

    You will have access to the video content and facebook community for Beyond Intention participants for 150 days from when you sign-up. However, you are able to retain the Beyond Intention Workbook, which captures key concepts and provides space for your self-reflections.

  • What help can I access during the program?

    You will have access to bonus worksheets, as well as a private facebook group exclusively for participants of Beyond Intention. John will facilitate a 1-hour 'facebook live' session each quarter where you can ask any burning questions you have. If you require further assistance, please speak to John about personalised 1:1 coaching sessions.

Hi, I'm Dr John Wood

Managing Director
Leadership Solutions Global

I am a psychologist, executive coach and leadership facilitator who has been working in corporate and not for profit sectors for over 40 years. My personal passion is the connection between personal growth and leadership effectiveness, and I have a PhD researching the qualities and developmental experiences of successful CEO's.

My research, combined with the experiences of the thousands of leaders I've worked with, highlighted to me that:

1. Leaders often want to change, but aren’t sure how to do it;
2. They often get stuck in the loop of wanting to change, trying to change and then falling back to old habits.

That's why I've developed Beyond Intention - to provide a practical, step-by-step approach that guides leaders on how to change their behaviour and perform at their best.

What leaders have said...

“Dr John Wood is one of the most skilled leadership thinkers I know; I’ve been fortunate to benefit from his wisdom in ways that have transformed my own leadership practice. In ‘Beyond Intention’, John and his team have distilled his powerful knowledge and sophisticated developmental tools into a simple but deep process that any leader committed to their practice can use to grow into their own wisdom.”

Jennifer Duncan, CEO, Australian Alcohol & Other Drugs Council

“Some of the most vexing and confronting challenges we face as leaders come from ‘within.’ Beyond Intention helps us to go below the surface and gain a deeper understanding of what’s really holding us back (our handbrakes) and then provides us with a thoroughly researched and time proven approach to achieving the sustainable shifts required to overcome them. Powerfully brilliant! ”

Mark Molitor, Founding Director, Be Sustained

“The Beyond Intention program was a wonderful reflective way of expanding my leadership skills and it provided a lot of practical strategies to work on. ”

Sarah Hylton, Team Leader, Skylight

“Beyond Intention is definitely thought provoking and an excellent program to improve skills. I have already put these skills in motion and have seen a definite change in my approach and in response from others. Empowering training!!!”

Effie Saloniklis, Manager Service Delivery, Skylight

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